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Review and publish papers


The ICENR 2014 TPC would like to thank you for your interest in our Conference and your paper submit. We are pleased to inform to the author whose paper has passed by the Preliminary Selection and has been accepted to be published in the Conference Proceeding as in the list attached.

In case that author would like to present the paper in the specialized journal like Journal of Science and Technology (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) or Journal of Science and Technology Development (Vietnam National University- Ho Chi Minh City), please contact with the TPC for:

        1.   Review Inscription for the Specialized Journal:

-          Date: Before 11/04/2014.

-   Mode of inscription:  send an email to Conference Secretariat at, otherwise, telephone directly to the number +848 38660160 or +848 38651132-ext 10

         2.   Review Fee:

      -   Review fee (first payment): 1.000.000 VND. Once the papers accepted by reviewer, please pay (2nd time) for the publish fee of 2.000.000 VND.

  -     Date: before 15/04/2014

       -      Mode of payment:

    + Payment directly by cash at Account part, General &Planning Department               

         Institute of Environment and Resources

    + Banking transfer information:

                   Name: Institute of Environment and Resources

                   Bank: ACB Bank, Phu Tho Branch, HCMC

                   Account number: 2143719

(Notice: Please note the content of Main Author – Article order listed in the list attached)

Hope to receive your feedback early. For more information on submission guidelines and the conference committee, please visit the website or contact Conference Secretariat:

Dr. Do Thi Thu Huyen

Institute for Environment and Resources

142 To Hien Thanh District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Phone : +848 38660160- 38651132 (ext 10)  - Fax: +848 38655670




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