The Conference 2016 Training workshop The fifth Information Management Workshop of EAP-ILTER

Workshop of EAP-ILTER:

The fifth Information Management Workshop of EAP-ILTER


Background and Introduction 


Archiving ecological research datasets and managing these data for reusing and sharing within the EAP-ILTER region have been promoted since 2004. There were four information management workshops held during 2005 to 2014 in China, Taiwan, Korea and Philippines . In order to continue to promote information management, EAP-ILTER decided to hold another information management workshop hosted by Vietnam LTER Network.


The purpose of this workshop is to highlight the use of open software tools for conducting open science in ecology. Through hands-on activities, participants will explore the use of open source tools based on Ecological Metadata Language (EML). These tools and practices are for accessing data, doing basic data manipulation, and publishing derived data and results, is critical to creating open, networked and replicable science.


Through one day activities, participants will learn an approach and general concept to edit, archive data, access data, conduct basic data assessment, summarization, and visualization using that data. Participants will be exposed to various tools for their own need data analysis practices.



2016 October




The goal of this workshop is to promote collaboration among EAP-ILTER through using a common data standard. This will be accomplished by introducing Ecological Metadata Language (EML) and practicing a tool kits assembled by open source which is developed in ILTER communities including Morpho, Metacat, Kepler, and R.  





The workshop is appropriate for early-career scientists, including students, postdocs, and faculty that would benefit from new techniques for open science, and for scientists, IT experts who want to incorporate ecoinformatics concepts as an additional skill or service. Participants should have a basic understanding of ecological research approach and data collecting, data analysis and statistics, and preferably basic exposure to the R system.




Requirement for Participant 


1.    Participants must bring their own laptop to participate in hands-on activities, and must have the ability to install new software.


2.     Participants are highly recommended to bring their own research data. Data will only store on their own laptop if they don’t want to be browsed during the workshop. Those who don’t have their own data. The instructing team will also prepare data which is public open for practice. 



Participants will be provided the open source software Morpho, Kepler, and R package by the workshop


Language: English



Draft agenda and instructors


08:00 Open Remark

09:30 Overview and Introduction of the workshop

10:00 Introduction to Metadata and Ecological Metadata Language

10:40 Break

11:00 Tool to edit research dataset metadata- Morpho 

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Hand on practice of Morpho

14:00 Archiving, discover your data

15:00 Introduction of Scientific Workflow and statistical tool- Kepler and 

16:00 Experience the use of your data

17:00 Review and Discussion


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