The Conference 2016 Venue & Accommodation


  • Transportation

    [11:54:47 PM - 10/12/2016]

    The conference venue locates in the sub-urban areas of Ho Chi Minh City. There are several ways to reach the locations:
  • Accommodation

  • Accommodation

    [11:37:09 AM - 10/11/2016]

    There is a wide range of accommodation options for short term visitors ranging basic standard room for 20 dollars per night to business/luxury room in the hundreds of dollars per night range in Ho Chi Minh City(Please check out in or
  • Conference venue

  • Conference venue

    [9:54:39 AM - 08/08/2016]

    The ICENR 2016 and 2016 ILTER-EAP “Ecological insights and environmental protection for sustainable development under climate changes in East-Asia and Pacific regions” Conference will be held at:
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